Saturday, November 19, 2005

Goodbye Old Friend

Beloved Ruidoso entertainer Bela Kronk was remembered today in a fitting "standing room only" memorial service. Kronk, the incredibly popular percussionist for the Southern New Mexico group Bad Chili passed away suddenly Thursday. His unexpected death was attributed to blood poisoning caused by contact with the forged Rolex watch that he wore.

As was expected, the remaining members of Bad Chili were grief stricken. "Ya just can't understand something like this." commented Rico. "He's gone quicker than if somebody popped him!"

Sal joined the tribute. "The essence of greatness has passed. Our music will never be the same" he added. The bereft Monk could only nod in agreement.

Perhaps the most upset from the recent tragedy was bassist Crawdad. "Can you believe that he's gone? He owed me twenty dollars!" lamented Crawdad. Bela's body will be returned to his native Romania.