Sunday, March 26, 2006

We Are Family

Ruidoso, New Mexico is a lot of things to many people. A ski resort, a thriving horse racing destination and, more than anything, a great place to spend time with your family. And where can you find a more fun mix of activities and events for the kids than in Southern New Mexico!

Ruidoso has a wonderful assortment of activities for children of all ages. Enjoy horse back riding with four stables in town and one on the nearby
Mescalero Apache Reservation. If it's fishing you're after the hot spots are at the Grindstone Dam, Mescalero Reservation and the mighty Rio Ruidoso River, stocked with plenty of good sized trout. Just be sure and have a local fishing license, easily obtainable at the local WalMart and Western Auto. If you don't catch anything there, head on past the racetrack to Seeping Springs Trout Pond. They furnish the gear, the fishin' hole and you only pay 50 cents an inch for what you catch no license required. Here's the very best part...they clean them for you! My daugther took the family and came back with 4 lovely 12 inch+ trout all ready for the grill.

Naturally, being in the mountains of New Mexico there's plenty of hiking and nature. The
Lincoln National Forest is a start with plenty of other diverse scenery nearby. If you're after more urban pursuits, Fun Trackers Amusements in Ruidoso has go karts, bumber boats and goofy golf. That's just for starters. Add in the history of the region and you've got a plateful.

Ruidoso has it's own historical spots. There's Dowlin's Mill where Billy the Kid stayed. Don't forget a stop at the Hubbard Museum of the American West for an enchanting look at the past for all ages.

Capitan, a scant twenty minutes from Ruidoso is home to the only American figure with their own zip code...Smokey Bear. The Smokey Bear Historical Park is packed with tips on preventing wild fires with plenty of interactive display for the children. There's a small theater with regular showings, an informative garden area with many types of indigenous flora and of course the final resting spot of old Smokey himself. Always a tear there it seems.

Lincoln, only 30 minutes away you've got the hub of the Lincoln County Wars. Characters like John Tunstall, Sheriff Bob Ollenger and of course William Bonney who became better known as Billy the Kid. It's the bloodiest street in any era...with a nice selection of museums, shops and original buildings. The classic Wortley Hotel which still operates seasonally and the Ellis Store, now a splendid bed and breakfast are just examples.

An hour south of Ruidoso is Alamagordo. Pay a visit to their zoo. Perhaps the really big screen calls from the IMAX theater. Mystified by the stars? The Space Museum is bound to enthrall. Don't forget the allure of the magical
White Sands National Monument...all great reasons to make the 60 minute drive.

Only 75 minutes out is the infamous Roswell, home to UFO buffs from aroung the world. Is it a weather balloon or something else? The
UFO Museum has their opinion on the matter. Check them out!

If it seems like a lot of things to keep the kids loving the area, well that's because there are! Frequently concerned parents who come to enjoy the race track or casinos ask, "Is there anything for the kids to do?". You bet!


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