Sunday, June 05, 2005

With reservations...

Ruidoso has all the magic that the New Mexico slogan promises, truly...the Land of Enchantment! Because Ruidoso is a resort community, accommodations may be tricky at peak periods. No problem, if you keep a few simple facts in mind.

1) Plan EARLY. A lot of people are amazed that some lodging can be full a year or more in advance of arrival. If you're headed for Ruidoso during summer or winter weekends, advance reservations can be a lifesaver!
2) Have the exact information regarding your exact needs and dates. Don't rely on "We'll be coming in the weekend of the 4th". Be specific... "We'll be arriving on the 3rd and departing on the 7th" will leave no margin for error. Have the exact number of people handy. Strange as it may seem, children are actually people and do count. If you'll be using a credit card to make the reservations, have it nearby.
3) Ruidoso presents a LOT of lodging choices. In addition to a hotel you may choose to stay in a cabin, lodge, condo or vacation home. If you're completely lost on making a decision try the service offered by Ruidoso Central Reservations. They make reservations for many types of lodging throughout Ruidoso and can help match your exact expectations with the perfect accommodations. They can also provide a depth of information on area activities and attractions.
4) Make sure that you understand the policies and procedures for the accommodations you've secured. Find out about check-in and check-out times as well as the cancellation policy. Cancellation can vary widely and ranges from just 24 hours prior to arrival up to 14 days.
5) Keep records. File documents in a folder for the trip. Have directions, confirmation data and the name and local phone number for where you will be staying. I've seen many souls wandering Ruidoso trying to figure out where they are supposed to stay because they've lost their lodging information. Enjoy your stay! Don't allow these inconveninces to cost even one minute of your precious Ruidoso vacation.

These simple tips can save you a lot of time and energy when visiting Ruidoso. Along with a little common sense, you'll insure a carefree stay in enchanting Ruidoso.

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