Monday, July 04, 2005

Air Head

Ruidoso, New Mexico averages only 2 days per year over 90 degrees. Because Ruidoso's climate is so moderate, many of the cabins, condos and homes for rent in the area do not have air conditioning.

When you visit Ruidoso during the summer months, do not assume that all accommodations automatically have cooling systems. If cooler temperatures are important to you, ask up front if the property you're considering has air. And note the differences between the types of "air conditioning".

Good old central, refridgerated air conditioning remains the favorite. It provides consistent, whole house comfort. A window air conditioning unit also provides refridgerated air, but just to a section of your rental. It may provide just enough cool in just the right area to help insure your comfort. Evaporative cooling (aka swamp coolers) are an effective way to cool areas in a extremely dry environment. Evaporating water can provide suprising cooling results in a desert climate.

With a temperate climate, air conditioning should not be a major consideration for most when visiting Ruidoso. The warm dry days and the rather crisp evenings make for some of the most ideal weather known to man. Add the consistent mountain breezes and you have an ideal climate for your summertime...or anytime...visit.

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