Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Perfect Ski Vacation

A lot of planning has gone into preparations for the perfect ski trip. You've targeted an adventure at Ski Apache in Southern New Mexico. Good choice! Ski Apache is one of those well kept ski secrets. 55 breathtaking trails and the largest lift capacity in New Mexico make for maximum skiing and a minimum of waiting.

Nearby Ruidoso, New Mexico offers all the convenience of a modern resort community. Ample lodging and dining choices are the "trimming" for your ski holiday. You've considered all the many places to stay and have decided that a mountain adventure calls for that perfect getaway...a secluded mountain cabin. A good choice in Ruidoso would be "Away From It All"...a brand new cabin tucked away just a few miles from downtown...but light years away from other people. Now that you have the accommodations nailed down, it's time to attend to the skiing.

Many Ruidoso hotels, cabins and property management companies offer a "ski package" with your lodging. They've bundled together discounted lift tickets and equipment rentals to make the logistics of the trip a breeze! The ski vouchers you'll exchange for lift tickets save you from standing in long lift ticket lines. Make sure that your equipment rental outlet offers reservations on your ski equipment, like the Wild West Ski Shop. That way, your previous phone order allows you to go to the head of long equipment lines with little or no waiting. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with the locals. They'll let you in on tips like these that will save you time and get you skiing.

Only one more detail to investigate. Time to check the weather. It's no secret that there is no such thing as too much snow for local businesses that rely on highly seasonal income from winter sports. This year, precipitation has been light all over New Mexico. For reasons unknown, rumors on the extent of this light snowfall exagerate the shortage of new snow. Local merchants now join together to present an accurrate picture of the situation. Few are more affected than the areas lodgers. Like river boat gamblers, their hand is betting on snow to attract the business that they need to survive. The snow always comes. This year it's just a little...late.

Let's set the record straight. Snowfall has been light, but Ski Apache is open and people are having the time of their lives...skiing! Ruidoso prepares for the barrage of skiers searching for and finding the perfect ski vacation.


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Justin said...

Too got a perfect ski vacation trip and booked my hotel through Extended Stay.

Andrew said...

I like to visit there on vacation...

Thanks for sharing..

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