Friday, June 01, 2007

Historically Unaware

This weekend in Ruidoso we'll be attending a performance of the Tennessee Three...several original members of Johnny Cash's backup band. It promises to be an interesting evening.

Back during my college career, I majored in Radio and Television Production. Consequently, I received my share of assignments to interview entertainers in town for a performance. I had the opportunity to interview the sappy, ballad ridden Bread, the Carpenters (Karen could not put down this huge salami sub sandwich long enough to answer most questions) and Johnny Cash. Yes, I knew who Johnny was alright. The opportunity to interview Johnny presented one of the most interesting opportunities...that I just was not equipped to handle.

As I entered the Green Room at the Southern Illinois Coliseum there was Johnny seated on one end of a long couch. Next to him, in the middle was June Carter Cash and on the other end was the Matriarch of the clan, Mother Maybelle Carter. A whole couchful of pure, Country history and legend was sitting right, smack in front of me waiting for my probing, insightful questions. I relied on the questions I had prepared for Johnny, upset at myself for not anticipating more.

These days, I occasionally reflect upon the opportunity I had and let go. I'll be thinking of that during the Tennessee Three performance.


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