Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bad To The Bone

The stat
e of New Mexico has an official question..."Red or green?". It refers to your choice of chili, red or green. It augments many menu selections..."Did you want the red or green chili on that sir?". Now New Mexico adds a third chili, green chili or Bad Chili !

Meet the Ruidoso, New Mexico band
Bad Chili. Bad Chili is a rather recent addition to the Ruidoso music scene, drawing upon over 100 years of combined music experience. Their repertoire includes material from Van Morrison, Led Zepplin, Kansas and many more classics. While they haven't yet inked a regular club gig you can find them appearing at the area's finest events. Their individual characters and styles contribute to the overall feel of a lighthearted but intent focus on their first, and in some cases, only Let's meet the group:

Bela - Brooding and contemplative Bela adds the beat to Bad Chili. Kind of like the cumin in a chili recipe Bela is that certain "something" that makes the mix. Too little and it's just not right! Too much and, well...

Rico - What can you say about Rico? Stoic, sensitive and immersed in the music, Rico mastered the guitar on his last stint in maximum security. He also joins in on vocals. If asked, you like his performance very, very much! Right?

Sal - A wonderful vocal range plus talents on the guitar and harp make Sal a good front for this bowl of Chili. A native of Lapland, Sal settled in Ruidoso because it reminded him of the Lap-plains of his Lap-homeland. Sal also enjoys Lap-dances.

Monk - What can you say about Monk, the master of the strings? Moving fluidly between guitars, mandolin or banjo Monk adds a real depth to the Chili experience. Blind since birth, a recent retinal transplant has allowed him to realize a life long dream...driving legally.

Crawdad - The mirth of the mixture, Crawdad is always burning a bass or trashing his amplifier. Embracing the "show" in each performance, Crawdad's antics are a real crowd pleaser. By the way, it's really not polite to stare at the lobotomy scars.

Now you know Bad Chili as well as anyone. If you have the nerve to attend an event featuring the quintet, you'll drink as much as the rest of us! For booking information or to just jawbone a little, call Crawdad at 505.257.4031.


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