Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rebounding In Style!

It was only last week that the Ruidoso group Bad Chili was reeling from a chain of circumstances that clearly left the band's future in doubt. This week, it's back to business as usual with all problems well behind them.

The band's guitarist, Rico, was completely exonerated from racketeering allegations when Judge Roy Bean (no relation) dismissed all charges. "I see no need to continue with this poorly scripted charade." the Judge stated before leaving the country on urgent personal business. "I knew I'd be vindicated all along." maintained the guitarist.

Bela, the band's premiere percussionist had been experiencing problems related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. "I thought it was my music causing this problem." Bela confided. "As it turned out, all I needed to do was stop wearing my Rolex when I play! I'm fine...never been better!".

The band's troubles continued to disappear as bassist Crawdad has been released from hospitalization for exhaustion. "They totally replaced all of my blood." Crawdad explained. "Now I've got plenty of reds and whites and it's going to stay that way! I've vowed to get at least two hours of sleep every night to help keep things in balance."

Band member Sal is relieved about the shift in the group's momentum. "I just can't tell you how concerned I was!" mused Sal. "It's great to see the guys back together again! I'm ready to put it all behind us!"

As if the group's new outlook weren't enough, President George W. Bush decided to help them celebrate! "The President has been a big
Bad Chili fan for a while now." said a White House spokesman. "He's got both CDs and has been looking forward to meeting them." he added. "It was really the President!" exclaimed guitarist Monk. "I almost couldn't believe my eyes!"


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