Sunday, October 09, 2005

Big Trouble in River City

As you'll notice the recent problems facing the Ruidoso, New Mexico group Bad Chili have garnered their share of national attention. Is this the end of the band who's meteroric rise to fame in Southern New Mexico has taken the center stage in the national media?

An anonymous source close to the group reports that despite the circumstances that have plagued the band over the past week it's business as usual. "They may be down, but don't count them out!" the source commented.

The week's woes began as guitarist Rico was arrested and jailed pending arrainment on the "three strikes" provision of US racketeering laws. The action was particularly ironic with Rico arrested while attending...a baseball game! "I'm confident that I will be vindicated shortly." Rico maintained. He declined further comments and was accompanied by representatives from Dewey, Fleeceham and Howe retained to represent him.

If things couldn't have gotten any worse, percussionist Bela is reported to be under care for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. "I've been using my wrists all my life! Why does this happen now?" the drummer lamented.

The downward spiral continued as bass player Crawdad is reportedly suffering from exhaustion. "I've never felt so really spent in all my life!" Crawdad remarked. "It's a fine creel of mudbugs to be in considering our recent success." He was hospitalized after collapsing during his statement to the press.

Guitarist Monk is said to be despondent over recent events. "He's so depressed he's even considering reversing his retina transplant!" our source reported. "He's not taking it well."

The only one not affected by the recent developments is lead vocalist Sal. He was frank in his conversations with our source. "I told those guys to slow down! I mean...really slow down! I was hoping they'd listen. I was hoping they'd listen."

Bad Chili fans everywhere are devastated, with candle light vigils planned to demonstrate the fans' support. "We're confident they'll maintain their recent level of success." stated the president of the Bad Chili Fan Club. "We've got to let them know we're there."

Will Bad Chili be able to keep their incredible momentum alive? Updates due next week will hopefully allow the band to continue their concert tour and success. "We're all hoping for the best here." offered Sal.


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