Thursday, January 07, 2010

New al-Qaida Device Stymies Airport Security

First, it was shoes that terrorists used to hide explosives and now they have turned to belts.  One such device made by al-Qaida is throwing airline security into a frenzy because it is almost impossible to detect the new "Belt Bomb".

A source close to the industry who wished to remain anonymous said that even though the exact dimensions are classified, the explosive device is rumored to be close to 22 feet in length and weighs a mere 1500 pounds.  Our source noted that this could be why security is targeting radical Islamic body builders and professional weight lifters...especially those that have problems fitting in the middle seat.

Even the famous bomb sniffing dogs are having difficulty with detection.  In the above photo the dog quickly "tagged" this one and moved on to the next passenger in line, without indicating it had found anything.  The Obama Administration urged all Americans to be on the lookout for unusually large. powerful male al-Qaida members entering the US with a 22 foot bomb strapped to their ass. They also urged if one is spotted that authorities be contacted immediately.

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