Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zynga Game Network Wins Defense Contacts

Recently, the guidance systems for many US military aircraft have come under fire for their ability to be easily detected by the enemy due to the signals emitted by them being unencrypted.  As hard as it is to believe, the same technology used to encrypt your online purchases or the signal from your cordless house phone was overlooked by the Department of Defense.   While many of the unencrypted  systems are used in unmanned drones, some have made their way onto other manned  military flights.   Naturally, everyone is scurrying to correct the oversight as quickly as possible.
In to the picture steps online gaming giant Zynga, creator of Facebook's Mafia Wars, Cafe World and a passel more.  It is rumored among Washington sources that Zynga has received big defense dollars to not only design a new user interface for the controls, but streamline the military payroll systems.  The new guidance technology will be fully encrypted and easily operated by just about anyone.  At the same time Zynga will overhaul the accounting department so that military personnel will be paid through Paypal, and a new incentive system will award "Reward Points" for successful missions.
May I please point out that both "Zynga" and "Paypal" are copyrighted trademarks of their respective  organizations.  While this is just a simple satire piece I have elected to take this point very seriously and issue a pre-apology to Zynga in the adjoining video.

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