Friday, May 13, 2005

Beam me up Scotty

The skys have fascinated man since the dawn of time. Very little has changed, with the exception that these days it's highly conceivable that man will reach the planets (if not the stars) in the near future.

And where better to view the heavens than in the crisp, clear skys of New Mexico. Tonight I'll be attending the fourth annual "Starry Night in Lincoln" event at the pageant grounds in Lincoln, New Mexico. The evening begins shortly before dusk. Prior to the beginning of the program we'll get to sample the local fare...Hamburgers and Lamburgers (good local lamb) and perhaps even catch a cold one at the historic Wortley Hotel (Billy The Kid slept here) made famous during the Lincoln County Wars.

At dusk, teachers and students from New Mexico University will present a program on our solar system and beyond. After the formal part of the program it's "hands on" for all in attendance on a wide assortment of telescopes provided by the school. It's a fun way to really put things into perspective as we try to imagine exactly where man fits into this celestrial crossword.

The event is sponsored by REDTT, an organization dedicated to promoting tourism in rural parts of New Mexico. Other events include Fiber Fest and Arts In The Orchard. It's a great way to prepare to "go where no one has gone before"! See you behind the lens!

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