Monday, May 23, 2005

Technology - Isn't It Wonderful?

Ahem! Let me clear my throat! Proudly announcing that Visiting Ruidoso is now available via RSS feed. RSS is an exciting new medium for the delivery of content via PDA's, cell phones and web sites. You subscribe to an RSS feed from an aggregator that captures thousands of RSS feeds and catalogs them for you. You simply pick an area of interest and then indicate which of the feeds available you would like to receive. Through the use of an RSS reader, you can view the feeds that you have elected to receive.

One of the many sources to subscribe to RSS feeds is Yahoo, through a personalized "My Yahoo" page. You can select to have horoscopes, recipes, sports scores and other RSS feeds appear on your personalized page. If you already have a My Yahoo page, you can add this feed by simply pressing the Yahoo button on the right side of this page.

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Andrew said...

Really Technology plays a lot..-

Thanks for sharing...