Thursday, May 12, 2005

Talent in no shortage on the mountain

One of the nice things about Ruidoso and the area is the large number of talented musicians. One of these is Mark Remington. Mark fell in love with Ruidoso in the early 1980's and several years later, decided to make it his home.

After living in Ruidoso for a brief while, Mark became so inspired by Sierra Blanca or "White Mountain" that he wrote a musical tribute to the area, oddly entitled "White Mountain" which he featured on his album "Generations". Session musicians were not hard to find. Mark's dad Herb Remington, Country Music Hall of Fame steel guitarist called upon several friends including fellow Hall of Famer, violinist (fiddle player to some) Johnny Gimble to help out.

Mark plays throughout the area, including occasional gigs at Ruidoso's Pasta Cafe. Two years ago, the songwriter became so concerned with Wild Fire Prevention that he penned a new ode to "Smokey Bear". The song was so well received locally, that Mark decided to send it to the Forest Service in Washington, DC who embraced the song as a contemporary reminder of our responsibility to our forests.

If you run across Mark in your Ruidoso travels invest the time to sit down, listen and enjoy. You'll be glad you did!

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