Sunday, May 15, 2005

Howdy with a dog in the back!

One of the things you'll notice right off is how friendly everyone is in Southern New Mexico. It's not uncommon to have most everyone you encounter wish you a "Good morning" or "How's it goin'" or "Howdy". The city, rural areas...just about everywhere you go people are genuine, real and friendly.

The rural areas have their own form of "Howdy" and that's the New Mexico Wave. When you're out for a country drive, you'll find a lot of the oncoming traffic acknowleging you with a wave. This can be a wholehearted, out-the-window wave. Very physical. Sometimes the greeting will be more subtle. A finger raised off the steering wheel (usually the index finger) or a slight tip of the hat...but a heartfelt greeting just the same.

You can imagine that New Mexico certainly has it's share of pickup trucks. They come in all sizes, all colors. If you have a pickup is is absolutely necessary to have a dog. Dogs also come in all sizes and colors. Some of the "pickup canines" have the luxury of free reign in the back. Others are tethered by chain or leash. But all are enjoying a spin with their people up front and barking a friendly "Howdy" from Ruidoso!

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Anonymous said...

Black dogs will be so strange....

Thanks for sharing...