Sunday, May 08, 2005

What's Eating You?

Whether you've decided to stay in a Ruidoso hotel, cabin, condo or vacation home you will have to eat. If you're lucky enough to have a fully equipped kitchen, you'll be able to prepare your own taste-tempting meals. If you're in accommodations lacking kitchen facilities, or you just plain refuse to cook, plan on eating well during your stay in a wide assortment of restaurants, bistros and pubs.

Everybody has their favorite dining choices. Here are some out-of-the-way favorites of mine:

For a moderately priced meal, big portions and a variety based menu consider the Lincoln County Grill. My favorites include the seafood platter, chicken fried steak or for starters, try a basket of battered green chili strips. The atmosphere is friendly and the service is warm and prompt. The Lincoln County Grill is located at 2717 Sudderth Drive in the heart of Ruidoso's mid-town area.

Regardless of your schedule, fast food occasionally enters the horizon. For the very best hamburger or sandwich in all of Ruidoso (and honestly, Lincoln County) try the Hall of Flame (cute, huh?). The young husband and wife team that own and operate the grill labor from 11 am to 7 pm seven days a week. They are two of the hardest working people I know PLUS the burgers are fabulous! Try the bacon cheese with avocado. The Hall of Flame is at 2500 Sudderth Drive, in the Four Seasons Mall.

Mexican food is plentiful in Ruidoso...after's the great Southwest! If you want the pretty places with lots of tourists you've got 'em. If you're looking for authentic, fresh and incredibly tasty Mexican food, look at Disco Taco. Disco Taco is located east of the racetrack in Ruidoso Downs and offers excellent food with a...well...pretty basic atmosphere. People do not come for the surroundings at Disco Taco...they come for the outstanding food. The shrimp cocktail is marvelous. You'll find Disco Taco at 141 Highway 70 East in Ruidoso Downs.

What restaurant only serves one day a week? Rustic Roots Catering in Capitan (about 20 miles from Ruidoso) delivers tasty catering to festivals and events throughout Southern New Mexico. Every Thursday, they feature "Mom's Night Off". They have a rotating menu...brisket, enchiladas, baked pork chops, etc. Each meal features everything...plastic dinnerware, side dishes, dessert and condiments. You have to place your order the day before, on Wednesday for pickup Thursday between 4 pm and 7 pm. The food is genuine home cooking and should not be missed. Call them at 505.354.3229. THEY'LL explain how to get there.

We'll cover additional "must try" dining selections from time to time. If you're looking for something special, let me know.

PS I just finished lunch. For the BEST fried chicken try the Lawrence Brothers grocery store at 721 Mechem Drive. They feature Chester Fried, fresh and light years better than the "finger lickin'" folks.

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